Hunt for a Camera Bag with Style

Have you noticed that all digital slr camera bags are a like? They’re all black! Each and every one of them. Would you describe your bag as cute, stylish, fashionable, or pretty? Didn’t think so.

With photography being such an imaginative and creative activity how can the bags we tote our gear in be so boring and drab? Shouldn’t your bag be as bright and cheerful as you are?

Who really wants the standard issue black camera bag that came with the slr camera? Given the choice would you really have picked that bag? Me neither.

pink hobo camera bag

So what are your choices? Oh, they are out there. Really cute and colorful or stylish and fun camera bags can be found. Bags that will protect your expensive gear and make people say, “Hey, that’s a cute bag.”

And they come in all different sizes depending on your needs. Small for point-n-shoot cameras. Medium to large for your dslr camera and maybe an extra lens. Then there are larger bags that have rollers and telescoping handles to house all your gear in one place.

Something that doesn’t scream out “expensive equipment inside”.

You might be looking for a bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag for thieves to scope out and swipe.

And who wants to look all touristy when lugging your camera and accompanying stuff. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pretty bag to camouflage it all.

Camera bags for women can be fun, colorful, and stylish. The problem isn’t finding them. Your task will be choosing which one to buy.

Bella Chevron bag

Don’t leave out your teenager. Young ladies want to carry their cameras in style too.
Check out this video review for my new Muse bag, which I love. No one can say it looks like a dowdy camera bag.